Thursday, January 13, 2011

Painting from Yellowstone

This is an older painting I did from Yellowstone. I don't do alot of large paintings...this is a 28X40...I've attempted this painting so many times I've lost count. Thinking about trying this in a smaller format...I tend to tighten up with larger pieces and lose the freshness that I shoot for. Might make another attempt but much smaller....jury is still out on this one!


  1. What is not to love about this painting? It is incredibly beautiful. I think you kept it plenty loose. Beautiful!

  2. Bev, this is absolutely beautiful and would be perfect in any size! Love the depth and atmosphere in the background. Superb in every respect!

  3. That is a pretty large canvas. I'm curious how a small painting would look after painting this large one. Usually the order would be the other way around.
    When you paint this large are you using larger brushes? If you feel it is tight, maybe you should try even larger than usual.
    Thanks for sharing Bev!

  4. hi bev am glad you are back.
    these paintings are lush love the small rose
    my studio is open

  5. This painting is beautiful. I really like the yellow on the hillside and the orange in the water and on the rocks.

  6. Thank you all for all your comments, I really appreciate each and every one. It really means a lot to me. A huge thank you!