Monday, August 23, 2010

Still LIfe Demo

Okay here's something from the world's worst blogger - hope you all will stay with me. This is a still life I did as a demo.(A while back) I think it turned out pretty well considering the pressure of just a few hours to try and pull a painting off. I think there's more I could do but pretty happy with it as is - which really means I'm afraid to go back into it for fear of it going south on me.


  1. Yes Bev, you are way behind in posting. So happy you are trying to paint more. You have such talent and need to exercise it. You have been sweet to comment so often on my work. I apppreciate your feedback so much!
    I really like the set up and the way you have portrayed it. Gorgeous flowers and brass pot. I like the way you loosely let the foilage work into the background. Look forward to seeing more!

  2. Agree with everything Carol had to say. Wonderfully loose and flowing brushstrokes! And the roses, I think they are so hard to pull off. Looking forward to seeing your demo at the first ACA pressure, I'm sure!